Surfing in Tarifa

Tarifa is small town in province of Cadiz, Andalusia. The coast of Tarifa is popular place of windsurfers and kitesurfers beacause of strong winds and straits. Temperatures range between 15-32° C and water 13-20° C.

Playa de los Valdevaqueros is sandy beach and popular among windsurfers. In Playa Los Lances you can find lots of subathers and it’s also longest beach in Tarifa. Quiet beach Playa Rio Jara has more shallow waters and is ideal place for instruction to surfing. Just outside of town is Playa Dos Mares which is never crowded, except at peak season. Playa Chica is the only beach on the Mediterranean side while Punta Paloma with sand dunes, on the right end of the bay, is furthest away from Tarifa.