What is Hopupu?

Surf boarding is in fact really old activity and became center of the culture of many coastal tribes around the world back in the day. To enter this relationship with the sea, in the world of sensations difficult to explain with words, and so sacred in Polynesia and Hawaii, they called the pleasure of surfing on the ocean waves Hopupu. During the wave seasons the tribes were really hopupu.

In reality surfing has been more than sport or a ritual, because surfing seduces and abducts you and whenever you see a wave in the sea you feel more alive. So let us pray the god for many years of surf so we can continue this precious natural asset. And such a life it offers to you, full of freedom, harmony and health.

Hopupu is hard to explain but easy to feel. Our duty in Hopupu surf club is to convey this knowledge to live surf in a authentic way and teach to respect old rules and learn to channel these feelings for more healthy life.